Monday, September 29, 2008

Clarence DeMar

Just got back from New Hampshire where I ran the Clarence DeMar marathon. I found the race to be more difficult than i was expecting. Going in, I thought the course would be downhill the first 13 and rolling hills thereafter (which is what their elevation guide suggests). If the first 13 were down hill, it was lost on me. It seemed we went up and as much as we went down.

The conditions were less than ideal. It was close to 70 with 100% humidty. My legs were tired from Salem Lake (which i knew they would be) but that with the weather equaled an undesirable time. I realized with about 5k left that i was not going to have the muscle to go sub 3:11. So i finished with a pretty strong 3:11:57(actually, i was quite surprised that i broke 3:12).

Anyway, my real goal is to get into corral A of Chicago so i need to do a winter race that will get me sub 3:11. I'm leaning towards Huntsville, but will see what is out there. I probably wont be doing the triple lakes half this weekend but plan on doing a trail half in Richmond in 2 weeks. i should be well recovered by then.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Season

So the fall race season has begun. In the off season i took up swimming and biking. I'm up to a couple of miles a week swimming and biking a couple of times a week. Did a 24 hour charity bike ride in July and that it was a blast!

But enough of all that. Its running season. Just got back from running the Asheville Half and have a very aggresive season planned (including the Clarence DeMar marathon in a couple of weeks).

Now if i can only stay healthy.