Friday, October 17, 2008

Marathons Chosen

I was unable to do the race in Richmond last weekend due to illness. But have a big half tomorrow in Greensboro.

I've also decided on my next marathons (yellow on the map)

Essentially, my goal is to do Chicago in Oct 2009. Between now and then i will be doing three marathons (in an effort to break 3:11 and get into Corral A)
1. Huntsville, AL in December: I hear they are kind of nazis about people wearing mp3 players. Super. And i also heard that the first 8 miles is so full of turns that its hard for some people to get going. But i've also heard that its a fast course. so we'll see. and how hot could it be in AL in December? hopefully not very.
2. Atlanta, GA in March 09: There are 2 atlanta races and this is the one that someone seems to be crazy about. BUT, the course seems much more interesting (not an out and back like the other one is) and they seemed to have learned from their past mistakes about not having enough water stops. That said, late march in GA may be warm. lets hope not.
3. Cincinati (flying pig) in May 09: People all rave about this race. i'm not too worried it will be too hot in OH in May, but you never know. It will be my first mid western state.

hopefully one of these 3 races will get me my sub 3:11 time. we shall see.

Forgot to update! Huntsville is not a great town, but was a great running event. They were Nazis about the headphones, but i ended up getting my PR of 3:08 and change! That means that I qualify for Corral A in Chicago (which i have already signed up for and confirmed to be in Corral A). Next up, Atlanta.

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