Sunday, November 2, 2008

City of Oaks Half

Just got back from the City of Oaks Half Marathon. The combination of the race being in Raleigh and the start time being at 7 is REALLY nice. I was home and showered by 9:30!

As for the race, it was good to see Raleigh have a major race again (I ran the last Raleigh Half Marathon back like 4 years ago). And by major, i mean MAJOR. There were thousands of runners for this thing. And forget about getting anywhere downtown until late afternoon on the day of the race.

I like the guys who organized this race, but they may want to consider a few changes. First, having the marathon and half start at the same time, it seriously dampens the start times for all involved. my first mile was about 7 minutes (And that was with a lot of effort to get around people). Not horrible, but not ideal. Second, placing the start/finish so close to a speed bump is going to lead to problems. Especially for average marathoners (could trip and cause havoc).

I liked the downhill at the end. I was able to pick people off at the finish which is always fun. My time was around 1:28:30. My first 10 miles were relatively slow. I felt fairly dehydrated for most of the race - entirely my own fault for drinking so much at Halloween :( - In fact, didn't do paint ball like i was thinking i would because i felt so crappy Saturday. So, could have been better, could have been worse.

Next up is Pinehurst which is always a tough course. I am not totally sure I can reach 1:26 this year given the halfs i have left. I have to start worrying about Huntsville too.