Monday, December 22, 2008

End of Road Races This Year

If you know the races in the area, you know that there are two big lulls. The first lull begins in late April and lasts until the first week of September. Last summer, I decided to take up Swimming and biking (did the 24 Hour Booty Bike Ride in Charlotte and got 200 miles in!). During the summer lull, there are no distance races (maybe a overly warm 5k here or there). I used to do track work in the summer and do the Ultimate Runner track meet in Winston, but I think my track days are now over (due to injuries and a shift of priorities to larger distances).

The second big lull starts just before Christmas and lasts until late February. During this winter lull, i have traditionally trained for trail runs. The top shelf trail run in the state in the Uwharrie National Park 20/40 Mile trail run. I was able to get registered (sold out in 6 minutes this year) and will be running it on February 7th.

I had my first trail run of the year on Saturday (i train over at Umstead in Raleigh). I took my time and did 7.2 in about 57 minutes and felt really good. I haven't run on a trail since getting a DNF at Uwharrie back in 2007 with IT Band issues. I need to shake the rust off my shoes a bit beause took a major header after misjudging a tree root. Hopefully, i will be able to continue to built on Saturday and do about 5 more longer trail runs between now and Uhwarrie.

As far as this past road season, it ended fairly well. I was able to get into the 1:26's at the Mistletoe run and PR'ed in Huntsville with a 3:08:34. After trail season ends in February, I'll be back to road marathon training and will be doing the new Atlanta marathon in late March, the Flying Pig in Cinncinatii in May and maybe Chicago in the Fall (if not 2009 then 2010 for sure).