Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Done With Trails For Now

Late December through early February has typically been my 'Trail Season'. This season ended on Saturday for me when i ran the Uwharrie 20 miler in Ophir, NC. It was my 5th time running it and 4th time finishing. This race in 2007 was the beginning of my year of injuries and is the only race i ever DNF'ed.

It was a warm and largely uneventful race (unusual on both fronts). I couldn't overcome cramping enough to beat my old time from 2006, but didn't miss it by much. This race is more Man vs. Wild than endurance race. At the end of the race, i was not at all winded (being able to only manage 10 minute miles through the tricky trails, crag, and resulting cramping). My trail conditioning was adequate, not great - highlighted by my 4 falls and 2 stumbles (slightly higher than normal). Shockingly, all my falls were onto dirt or leaves, so i escaped cuts and bruises completely.

I've decided to forgo any other trail races this season, and get back to road races. Trail races make me feel like Bear Grylls, but road races are where i get the most joy. Two or three races this spring ahead of a very busy six months of marathons: Atlanta, Cincinati, and Chicago. Can't wait!