Monday, March 30, 2009

Georgia Done, Now on to Ohio

Just got back from the ING Georgia marathon in Atlanta. I did ok with a 3:11:42. I wasn't expecting to break 3:09 like in Alabama but was hoping to still break 3:11. It was not in the cards though.

Had an interesting night the night before the race. I stayed at a really posh hotel (the Omni). Problem was, my neighbors decided it was a good night to stay in their room and yell until 2:30am. When i went to ask them to stop, i was confronted (literally) by two of the largest men i have ever seen. They were both easily each 6'9" and about 280lbs. I bet they were NFL linemen. So that was fun.

But that certainly wasn't the biggest problem i had with this race. Problem #1 was that it was a tough course. I trained pretty well for hills, but there were a lot (one guy i spoke to counted 43 hill). In fact, i was feeling great at mile 23. I felt strong and was well within pace to break 3:10. But then i hit the wall before 24. Mostly because of 3 large hills in a row. After that, i just tried to finish.

I hear that Cincinatti is hilly too, but not as tough. I think i need to train on hills after mile 21. That may help me out. After Cincinatti, i'll be looking forward to Chicago in October. I really want to blow the doors off of that one. It may be the last fast marathon i run for a while.G