Monday, July 6, 2009

Lay Back Because It's the Summertime

So I have been biking for a little over a year now and started swimming a couple of times a week. Naturally, i decided to sign up for 2 triathlons, 2 bike touring events, and a half ironman. What the heck is wrong with me? I've completed the first tri and have another one this weekend. And i gotta say, i really love it so far.

The half ironman will be held in the beginning of August in Morgantown, WV. I feel pretty confident in the bike and the run. The swimming is slowly coming to me. I just need to relax and try not to die (literally).

The fall is looking busy as always and I can't wait to start the half marathons. I plan on starting in Asheville in September just like every year and will be capping off the fall training season with the Chicago Marathon. I plan on making a vacation out of it and know at least 2 other people who will be at the race. I'd love to get a PR on this course, but the possibility of high heat and the earliness (October) may prevent that. We'll see.

Then I plan on doing either the Mardi Gras or Little Rock (in late Feb or early March), the Hatfield/McCoy in June, and maybe (MAYBE) the Ironman in Madision WI a year from Sept. Oh man that is ambitious. We'll see how this weekend goes first. Then if Morgantown doesn't kill me, i'll start thinking about it seriously. But for now, I just like thinking that i've got an ironman in my future.

Oh yeah. Forgot, I think i may do the Mississippi Blues Marathon in January too. We'll see if conflicts occur though.