Friday, December 18, 2009

Time to Hit the Trails

The Tucson marathon was an interesting experience. Lots of sand, cactus and headwind. Wasn't expecting that last one. All in all a good experience. Not crazy about Tucson though. The mountains were nice, everything else not so much.

But forget all that, its trail season! First trail run is tomorrow and it should be interesting. Getting some ice and snow right now. Hopefully that all goes away for my run tomorrow. I plan on doing more trail runs than last year in preparation for the big Uwharrie race in February. I'm also ramping up my biking and swimming in preperation for a big tri season (more to come on that soon).

And finally, signed up for the St. Louis marathon in April (or is that March). Anyway, busy busy. But the focus between now and February is definitely trails. Just need to remember how to run on them now. Its been a while...