Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Divided Loyalties Yield Messy Results

Was in Saint Louis this past weekend for the marathon there. The race is more of a half marathon event with thousands of people running/walking the half. They actually did a really good job keeping the runners separate (especially at the end where it counts). The city was nice and I enjoyed seeing the blue clubs and got to the top of the arch (which is no easy feat being freakishly tall and getting crammed into the elevator pod).

As for the race... ah the race. Lessons were learned. Yes, it was that bad. I knew going into this race that it would be a little different. Usually i focus entirely on marathon training and do not worry about other events. I decided to try out a plan that focused more on shorter speed workouts (halves mostly to complete my half iron in May). I hate making excuses so i will not here. But this strategy did not serve me well. I knew it was an experiment and knew it was a bit of a risk so I did go into it with eyes wide open. But now I know i definitely need a 16 mile run closer to the marathon date as well as a larger 21 miler thrown in. The sun and warmth of the day took their toll too. But it was the lack of training that was the main cause of my slowest marathon in years.

I doubt the time I get on a hilly marathon in W Virginia in June will help me feel better. I had planned on (and feel more committed too now) taking about 4 or so weeks after the half iron in May to work only on distance before going back to the triathlon training. The danger with this is increasing/decreasing mileage too drastically so that will be on my mind. Hopefully I'll feel stronger and have more will at the end of the WV marathon. If i have that, I'll count that as a win (and focus on Hartford to push the pace).

My sprint triathlon this weekend must also be put into perspective of being less than a week after a marathon finish. I really just need to get into the open water before my half iron in May. I have a strong feeling however that the half iron in a few weeks will also be a casualty of my dual focus. The one in September should be a better indication of my ability.