Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to Tri

Athlinks eliminated their blogging features and so I have moved on to blogger (which is probably for the best and will likely lead to me blogging more (though this is more of a running diary than blog).

Have had a very busy year so far. Ran the Mississippi Blues marathon back in January and PR'd! 3:06 is the new standard. So when I went over to Arkansas to run the Little Rock marathon, I had high expectations. I ended up running a 3:12 which I was disappointed with. I think I started triathlon training too early because my legs were never right the whole race. I did get 47 out of about 1800 people though. It certainly wasn't an easy course.

Anyway, I have set myself up for a VERY busy triathlon season: 9 races including 3 halves culminating in the National Championships in October. My goal between now and then is clear. Get better at biking and swimming and make the U.S. team. If I don't do it this year, I will be aged up into the HIGHLY competitive 35-40 age group (so this may be my last chance to make the team for a decade!)

This was a plaque on a monument to Harriet Tubman in Little Rock. I (perhaps inappropriately) like the message in the context of running.