Thursday, June 23, 2011

Triathlon Season in Full Swing


Here we are smack in the middle of triathlon season! About 4 down 7 or so to go. To sum up the year so far, I guess I would say that I am not exactly killing it.

The White Lake Half was a disappointment because they canceled the swim (just like the Halfmax in October). And like the halfmax, i went too hard on the bike and cramped on the run. Ugh. Next I did a couple of sprints and an international. I felt good on the runs but slow in the water and not much better on the bike.

I decided last week to work on water/bike speed. I increased my effort level on the bike and started doing intervals in the water (100 yard repeats with 1 minute rest). I've already started to see some benefit there. But I need to go much further with this if I'm going to meet my goal.

I've got a bit of a lull until the beginning of July where things crank back up. Added a bike race on July 4th to work on speed over longer distances. This should also help me with the booty a couple weeks later.

But it is all about getting faster and killing it for the Outer Banks half in September and the National Championships in October. This is probably my last chance to make the U.S. team. Missing the team by 4 spots last year motivated me for this year. I hope to at least be satisfied with my effort at the end of the season.

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