Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Push

So I am less than 2 months out from Myrtle Beach. I completed the Mayo Lake tri last weekend and it was really great. It started to POUR raining on the bike though. Made for some tense moments. But the swim was my fastest 750 meters ever and the bike was good considering the weather. The trail run was 3 miles and was very trail'y and wet. Knowing how to run on that surface and in those conditions probably shaved a full minute off my time. All in all good day.

My swim times are improving rather dramatically lately. I'm putting more time in at the pool, doing more miles and doing them faster. I'm getting close to where i want to be (especially after being sick for about 2 weeks there in late July).

The bike is solid but the knee is improving (i think) to the point where i haven't been feeling any pain. Started this week to put extra time in on the bike so hopefully that will pay dividends.

Strangely, i had managed to neglect running over the past several weeks. Work has been tough, but the number of miles i've been putting in is pathetic. This week that changed and I am ramping up to be able to easily finish the half (which is now in about 3 weeks).

Finally, I've ramped up strength training. Doing slightly more core as well as smaller number of reps/higher weight for the weight portion of my training.

I have Inside out putting together the most beautiful machine ever. It's a 61cm P2. But I feel weird putting down 3 large for a bike with the economy the way it is right now. This one needs more thought...