Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I set out last year to make Team USA for my age group. Today i got official word that I have met my goal! I have already paid my deposit and asked for the time off to go to Vitoria, Spain on July 29, 2012. I really could not be more excited! I love nothing more than to travel and compete in athletic events. Traveling to Europe and slapping the 'USA' logo on my butt next to my last name is definitely the highlight of my amateur sports life so far (and will be near impossible to top).

About the race that got me there: Went down to Myrtle Beach for the National Championship last weekend. It was the hardest thing I have ever done physically and mentally. First off, the swim: They miscalculated the current, so we were swimming into a strong current most of the race. I was able to squeak out a PR though. It cost me a bit. I started cramping at the end (something i've never done in practice or in a race). It was just very taxing and i did not hold anything back. My goal was to have no upper body strength left. Check and check.

The bike was windy. I mean wind I hadn't experienced before. My bike was absolutely perfect though. I am buying zipp wheels if i have to take a second mortgage out on my house. The cervelo performed flawlessly and I was off the bike with another PR. And not for nothing, but the damn thing is just beautiful with those wheels.

Right off the bike, my legs felt great. In fact, 9 miles in, i felt great. I had done the math at the bike racks and had recognized enough guys to know that I was all but guaranteed a slot on the US team. I started to have leg cramps around mile 10 or 11. Calves were absolutely ceasing up. I need to invest in the calf socks that prevent that kind of thing for the next race. Also, I NEED to get better versed on what to eat during a race. Eye balling it will not work anymore. I think this cramping can be avoided.

At mile 12 I was running with this guy in my age group. Decided to push it (thinking my calves were going to give out, so wanted to distance between us). This was a mistake. I got a half mile and then cramped up worse than ever. My chance to break 5 and beat one more age group competitor went down the drains. I gutted the last half mile out and finished. I was pleased, but hate getting passed on the run by anyone.

So now it is time to switch gears. While i continue to train on the bike and in the pool, i am gearing up for a marathon in Tulsa in 4 weeks. The goal is to run some halves, run Tulsa in Nov, switch to trail season in January, run Uwharrie, then train for Austin in February. Then i should be properly prepared with a solid base from the running side of things for July. Come March, I will drastically increase swim distance and will get out early and often for long bike rides. Going to be a lot of work, but super excited! Also considering joining a swim team this winter. We'll see. For now, time to run. Tulsa, you are next on the list.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Times Up

So here we are. Less than 48 hours out and I am as ready as i could have hoped.

I had my best race of the year (according to my USAT ranking) in the outer banks at the beginning of September. I followed that up with a tune-up sprint last weekend where i tried out my new(wait for it) P2 Cervelo triathlon bike. My legs were tired on the bike (probably due to overtraining) but when i got off the bike for the run, my legs felt better than i can remember. I think this bike is going to help my bike times but also save my legs for the run (we'll see how it plays out though).

I have tapered this week and had a great tune-up run Tuesday. Weather is not going to be perfect for Saturday (a little warm) but it certainly could be hotter. It is also looking like it will be wetsuit legal. My knee problem is no longer a problem (as of right now) and i am not fighting off a cold or any illness. In other words, I'm right where i want to be. Now i just need to do what i do on Saturday and let the chips fall where they may.