Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help Adam Help Team USA This July

The US Long Course National Triathlon team is headed to Vitoria, Spain this July 2012 to compete against the rest of the world in the International Long Distance Triathlon World Championships.

Help support Team USA athlete Adam Burke get there. Your sponsorship would go directly to helping this North Carolina athlete make it, with bike and gear in tow, to Spain this summer to represent North Carolina and the USA.

Premium level sponsors will get their corporate logo professionally screen-printed onto Adam’s official Team USA uniform and be represented in this international championship, with photos provided to you after the finish line is crossed!

$5000 - Premier Branding Position -'A','E':
Large Logo printed in a dominant position on Adam’s Team USA uniform; pre-proof and photos from Championship provided

$2500- Gold: Both Sides 'C':
Logo printed on both sides of Adam’s Team USA uniform; proof and photos from Championship provided

$1000 - Silver:Front Lower Left Leg 'D':
Small Logo printed on Adam’s team USA uniform; photos provided; proof and photos from Championship provided

*To Sponsor Adam at the above levels, Please Email sponsor@adamtri2run.com

Individual Donatations:

Adam Burke is one of the top 10 athletes in his age group on the US Long Course National Triathlon team representing the United States this July in Spain.

Monday, January 2, 2012

34 Years Old Today

Today I went for a run. It was the same 8.4 mile course I have done 522 times over the past 10+ years. Each time I run this course, I do 2 loops. So i have done 1044 loops since the first time I did it.

Some days when you run you feel great. Some days when you run you don't want to take another step. There was nothing special about the way I felt today. There was nothing special except for the feeling that I had to prove something.

Adding another digit onto your age starts to get not so fun around 29. There is a feeling that you are starting to lose a step. There is a feeling of the coming inevitable decline. However today, I ran the fastest time I have ever run. I ran the fastest time for the course AND the fastest time for a loop. Today is ranked 1/523 (course) and 1/1046 (loops). The decline will come. But not today.