Monday, January 2, 2012

34 Years Old Today

Today I went for a run. It was the same 8.4 mile course I have done 522 times over the past 10+ years. Each time I run this course, I do 2 loops. So i have done 1044 loops since the first time I did it.

Some days when you run you feel great. Some days when you run you don't want to take another step. There was nothing special about the way I felt today. There was nothing special except for the feeling that I had to prove something.

Adding another digit onto your age starts to get not so fun around 29. There is a feeling that you are starting to lose a step. There is a feeling of the coming inevitable decline. However today, I ran the fastest time I have ever run. I ran the fastest time for the course AND the fastest time for a loop. Today is ranked 1/523 (course) and 1/1046 (loops). The decline will come. But not today.

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