Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working Towards Spain

Just about three months until Spain! And the question I get over and over is, 'How is the training going?'

Ugh. Good question. The answer is 'Good...I think'. First and foremost, I am healthy right now. That is the most important factor while training for such a long race. As of today, I am feeling good <knock wood>.

I certainly have been taxing my body more and more. I did my longest brick yet which was a 60 X 9.5. The distance on the bike should be fine. In July, the race will be 75 miles. I had plenty of leg left during my brick and could definitely add another 15 on to it. Of course I haven't been able to train distance in the kind of heat we will be seeing in July in Spain. The IOS 100 will feature an 88 miler. I don't plan on going over 60 miles in a brick after that, but just increasing the runs from 9.4 up to 13.6 a month before the race.

My runs have been really good. I was very tired last weekend in a triathlon, and still pulled out a sub 41 10k without really trying. I have PR'd at nearly every distance in the past few months. The one running concern I have is quads (and maybe later in a race, calves). For quads, I have a running trick (butt-kicks) which seem to calm the cramps. As far as calves, I have nothing for that. If that happens, I will need to stop/stretch/pray. And a 30K after a 2.5 mile swim and 75 mile bike in sweltering heat, who knows how that will go.

Speaking of 2.5 mile swim, this is definitely my biggest anxiety. I had a very easy 1500 meters with a wetsuit in my last triathlon. It was the first of the year and just wanted to get comfortable. Time wasn't great, but it was certainly comfortable. No wetsuit in Spain :( That said, I have begun to increase my swim distances. I've done a couple of 1.5 mile swims in the pool. First one... sucked. Last one, was totally fine. Next up, 2 miler next week, then the IOS 100 has a 2miler in the water. This will likely be wetsuit legal and will be a good transition to getting the distance up for July. So long story short, 2.5 miles isn't as scary as it was.

So lots of good progress physically and mentally. And with 3 months left, I think I'm on track. With my goal being not to embarrass myself or country, I think I can get there.