Friday, June 15, 2012

So i have sustained a groin injury. I *think* i sustained it during the IOS 100 a couple weeks ago. I kind of ignored the problem and kept powering on with training. This is never a good idea. Anyway, net net i have 6 weeks left and i need to take about a week off.

To be perfectly honest, I kind of need the break. I have been training 110% since March. I mean 3 swims/bikes/runs per week along with core and weights. So the tune up triathlon i had planned this weekend is off. But, there is no reason to panic (at least thats what my trainer told me).

I have 6 full weeks before the big event. And the groin isn't horrible right now. If i had to compete right now, i could definitely do it. I am primarily concerned that running/biking on this injury will gradually make everything worse. So, all in all, a week off now is INFINITELY better than a week off with 3 weeks left. There is plenty of wiggle room where if i need to take more drastic action (cortisone or the like) i have that open to me.

I need to also reconigze that I am completely ready for this race as of now anyway. i can complete a 2.5 mile swim especially with a wetsuit (looking wetsuit legal as of now). Also, the 88 mile ride i did in Washington gave me plenty of confidence to complete the 120KM in Spain. As for the 30KM run, i finished a 10 miler in Washington. And I am going to build up a little in this area.

So a little time off physically and mentally may do me some good. Here's to hoping its just a week though.