Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Ready For Europe

I leave for Europe a week from tomorrow...To put this in context, I will now list out the countries I have visited in my life:

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
So this is a big deal for me. I really do not know what it is going to be like traveling to a foreign country, doing a race in a  foreign country, doing such a long race in a  foreign country. 

Leigh and I will be blogging here to document our European trip for those back home who are interested. Hopefully we'll get some pictures of the race up quickly along with some description of the events leading up to the race. 

As of right now, I think planning and prep are going well. My training is basically done except for some tune-up runs and swims. I plan on doing a 1 mile swim race this weekend but this is really to practice my swim start (that is, not panic and go out too fast). If I'm not ready at this point, I won't get more ready in the next 13 days.

So stay tuned for more blogging to come...

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