Monday, July 30, 2012

The Race

So the race went about as well as i could hope. The weather was on the cool side the whole day. The fan support was nothing short of astonishing. The ENTIRE city greeted the runners on the run. During the bike, most if not all the people of the tiny hamlets of the surrounding area were out cheering as well. And when I say cheer, I don't mean golf clapping. They were drinking and routy. They would get in you face and yell 'Vaya!' Most of the kids I encountered chanted 'USA! USA!' it was beyond my imagination for how amazing the event was. When we arrived in the city for the run, thousands of people were screaming. A make-shift stadium of screaming people, clowns, a jumbo-tron screen greeted us right of the bat. This was then followed by miles of screaming locals. As far as the competition, I did about as well as I could have hoped to. I exited the swim faster than I thought. I credit my good showing here to drafting smartly and lots of increased time in the water over the past 6 months. The bike was my weakest leg. Everyone in that race was a bike superstar. Compared to my competition, this is where I lost the most ground. But I maintained around 20 mph throughout and felt good. On the run, I took the first 20km fairly easy. My legs on the ancient stone surface were a little shaky. After I got my bearing, I turned it up for the last 10km. All in all, happy with my efforts and thrilled with the experience. What's next? Rest at least for a little while.

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