Friday, January 18, 2013

Thinking Ahead

Ok, here we are smack dab in the middle of the offseason. I've developed some knee issues that I am working through. Basically just a bad case of runners knee. I *think* I get something like this every winter and I really don't understand it. But nevertheless, I am powering through.

To address this, I have taken a serious look at my footwear as well as started a pretty strenuous leg-muscle building campaign. Wall sits, leg extensions, the whole shebang. I've dialed it down on the swim (like I typically do in the winter) so I'm just doing going a couple times a week to make sure I don't forget how to swim. I've also cut out the bike. Mostly because I hate it. Ugh, why do I hate to bike so much right now. Well, it's cold and biking to me is my worst event. So there's that. BUT...

I'm super excited about my five marathon plan this spring (see! triathlons offer diversification  so i can be excited about one thing and come back to the other stuff later). I know my triathlon times will be weak in the spring. I'm actually planning on doing more sprints and less long distance (especially in the summer).

Anyway, New Orleans is a done deal. All signed up with the fiance coming too! And then NJ OD is on (just barely thanks to Sandy), then KDM, Providence, and then the one I TRULY can't wait for... Deadwood.

Also some halves and 10k's to get fast again. And btw, I may be closer to getting back to where I was last spring (running-wise) than I thought. Posted a couple of super fast training runs last week. If i can just run during the day and have it not be too cold, I can post some good numbers.

More soon...