Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marathon PR!

Just got back from Louisville, KY. And not to bury the headline, I PR'd! 3:03:38. Felt good going in and new it would come close to Austin last year. The race itself was a little confusing (I think they messed up a few mile markers in a row(?)) But the last half was smooth and felt good pretty much the whole time. I imagine a young Cassius Clay running in front of me and telling me to go faster. I pictured the guy in front of me to be Joe Frazier. I always loved Ali's admission that he was so tired he literally thought he would die at the end of the 'Thrilla'.

So seeing the Mohammed Ali Center was a a major highlight. I am definitely a fan, but even if i was not, the museum was amazing. The presentation of data was interactive and very entertaining. Who would expect much else from Ali?

I also visited Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger Factory. VERY cool stuff. So that is done, now on to Providence in (gasp) 2 weeks. Then a few weeks after that is Notre Dame Marathon (what i call it, really is the Sunburst at Southbend or something like that). EXCITED!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

6 Marathon Goal for 2013

2013 is a big year for me. Last year I participated in the ITU Long Course World Championships. It was the my unbelievable experience of my life. Not only did I travel to Europe, I also slapped the 'Team USA' logo on and then literally motored around Europe. It is something I can not possibly top.

This year I've decided to try in step it up in another direction. I really want to complete more marathons in one year than I ever have. I can't top last year in terms of experience, but I can create a new challenge and set of experiences!

I have now planned through September and I will have completed at least 6 marathons in 2013:

  1. February: Mardi Gras. The town was still recovering from the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras double punch. I saw everything the town has to offer. Amazing.
  2. March: New Jersey. Meh. Enough said.
  3. April: Kentucky Derby Marahon in Lousiville. VERY excited about this race this coming weekend. Not only do I get peruse Louisville, visit where Mohammed Ali grew up, and preview the Kentucky Derby (which takes place a week after the race), I get to run in a bigish city which is always my favorite type of marathon.
  4. May: Providence. I visited this town for about 4 hours back in my AAU basketball days. Look forward to visiting the colleges of the area and getting a taste for life in one my of my last New England states.
  5. June: South Bend. We finish in Notre Dame stadium. Any questions?
    • Marriage: Going to take a weekend off Mid June and get hitched. Then the following week taking a NON race holiday to St John USVI. Epic Honeymoon planned.
  6. September: Maui. Time off is confirmed. First hotel is booked. This is happening. Hawaii. The jewel in the crown of any 50 stater's journey. 
Then I'll always have October, November, December if i want to get one more in. But 6 marathons in one year... that will be the most for me. It will be an amazing feat. What am I going to do in 2014? Rest.