Sunday, June 2, 2013

South of the Bend

29 marathons up, 29 marathons down. Just finished up the 2013 Sunburst (South Bend Indiana) marathon. This was the fifth and final marathon of my consecutive marathon goal. Over the past 3 1/2 months, I have completed 5 marathons.

I had a 3 week break between Providence and South Bend and I can say one thing for sure: having 3 w
eeks off is better than having 2 weeks off. My legs felt better (but really not 100%). To add to the misery index a little bit, the dew point must have been about 70 for much of the race. It was one of those 'sneakers filled with water' kind of days. But all that complaining aside, I enjoyed this race. There was about 500 runners, but really didn't seem that big. The scenery varied quite a bit. There were many very nice views of the St. Joseph river. And best of all was the finish in Notre Dame's football stadium. I really was thinking of Rudy as I entered and sprinted as hard as I could.

During the race, I heard a song (that cheesy 'California' song from the OC tv show). This song always symbolizes my goal - California being a kind of nod to my personal manifest destiny of getting all 50 states run. When I heard it this time I realized that my next marathon will be in Maui, Hawaii and this made me feel really good. Maui will be marathon number 30 and by far the biggest marathon adventure to date. I love this 50 in 50 goal more and more every race.

Next up for me some personal todo's. Getting married in 2 weeks, then a honeymoon to St John. Then I will be doing just a very few triathlons in the late summer (just so I can say I did some). Then in September comes Maui. Cannot wait!