Monday, November 25, 2013

Not Everything's Flat in Kansas

Just got back from marathon #7 for 2013. I decided to throw one more in at the end of an amazing year. I had a look around what was available (and remaining state wise for me) and chose the Gobbler Grind marathon in Kansas City, Kansas. One of the major deciding factors for me was wanting to see Kansas City. Nothing else in Kansas (and yes I realize most of Kansas City is not in Kansas) looked particularly interesting. Not really interested in plain flat land for miles.

When I arrived I immediately headed east of the border to check out what KC had to offer. I went to about 4 museums and drove around. By far the best was the Harry Truman library. Everything else about that whole area was not terribly interesting to me (sorry Kansas City!)

The race itself will be remembered for two major things. First, it was cold. I means COLD. I think the temperature at start was about 15. It may have rose about 4 or so degrees in 3 hours, but I was cold the entire time. Just kind of miserable. The other thing was just how bad the marathon organization was. There were no mile markers (?!). The out and backs weren't labeled with things like signs (or markings). At mile 15(?) I re-entered the main course and got intercepted by 10k runners. Doing the math, I started to seriously freak that i missed a turn (no volunteers and not clear markings made me thing that along with not really knowing the course which is on me i'll admit). I jog with the 10k'ers for a while and ask a million people if i am going the right way. Finally about a mile before the 'finish', i get word from a volunteer that there is another out and back AT THE FINISH. That is not the best course design to put an out and back at mile 18.9 or whatever it was.

So enough of the complaining... 2013 marathon season is over. I have some very broad outlines for next year (and year after) but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Next up something i haven't done in years... trail season. Little worried my body isn't going to hold up, but I have a bunch of races included the Mac Daddy Uwharrie National Forest Run. After that, I am thinking I'll do a full triathlon season.... But that is that for now.