Friday, March 28, 2014


So instead of getting ready for my trip to Michigan tomorrow to run in the Ann Arbor Marathon Sunday, I decided to sprain my ankle and not go. Literally have run Shelly Lake in Raleigh thousands of times. I totally spaced out and went off roading with just the left side of my left foot (not recommended). Clearly my ankle sprain during trail season this year has come back to bite me (should have been strengthening more, should have been working on it more, etc).

I really think i'm about 6 days from being able to run, so its not like i'm out of commission. In fact I am pretty sure I will go for a small bike ride this weekend. But running 15 feet causes some pain so a marathon would be a big mistake.

Lots of interesting stuff coming up though! I have decided to run Fargo in May. And between now and August I'll be doing 6 Intl tri's, 2 Sprints, a 50K bike, and an Aquathon. So all in all not too bad. There is an outside chance i May to Alaska this year (but as time goes on that looks iffy).

This all may work out for the best because I think i really want to run Detroit in September. The more i read about the place, the more i want to see it. So more posts to come....