Saturday, April 19, 2014

56 Year Old Ankle

After missing a Michigan marathon and one other race, I ran a VERY cool half marathon in Albamarle, NC run completely in the pitch black (race started at 9pm!) The ankle was a little squishy (not quite healed). So I decided to see my sports podiatrist and my trainer and get some opinions. In looking at my x-rays, he let me know i have an ankle of a man 20 years older than me! He told me that I would likely be fine for another 20 years running, but it may be a good idea to stop spraining that ankle. Message received.

I have had some nagging injuries that have been plaguing me for months. My aforementioned ankle as well as my right knee. My ankle is easy enough to explain, but my knee has been baffling me. I have started to seriously stretch and do a good deal of muscle strengthening around the knee and have had little success. My latest thinking is that my right leg is a little shorter than my left. I researched it and also measured my legs (not always totally accurate, but worth a try). Well, I put a lift in my left heal, ran 12.6 today and I am pretty sure i feel a difference! I'll keep an eye on this to see for sure.

I have also been doing 2-a-days to get my ankle back in shape. I have spent the last few weeks doing that and I am starting to see a difference. First off, the ankle itself looks healthier (its been puffy in shape for years but now seems to be losing some puff). Also, I couldn't complete 8 miles without that 'squishy' feeling. Now I can do 12.6 with little discomfort.

As a result of all the injuries and rehab, I have decided to skip a few races I signed up for. First, was the Ann Arbor marathon. Looking back, i was not as close as I thought so no regrets there. I had previously missed a half marathon i signed up for due to illness before Ann Arbor. But since the moonlight half (which i probably shouldn't have run in retrospect) i have decided to skip the first 2 triathlons of the season for me (Belews Lake and next week's Beaverdam). I hate to miss them but i really need to get healthy and have not just a good season this season, but also take care of my old ankle/knee so i can run in years to come.

So as of now I am feeling pretty confident about Fargo in about 4 weeks. I may try to do a quick half the week before, but I think i've learned, don't sign up for stuff until you know you will be able to do it :)