Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go Far in Far-go

State #32 is now in the books and it was auoww so fun. Fargo, ND is an interesting place. You get the feeling that this small sleepy town woke up about 9 months ago and is a good ol'e fashion boom town.

Despite its unfortunate geography (middle of no-where factor is high with this one), the people are friendly and the town quirky.

A lot of cities have train tracks... but I don't remember ever seeing a city with train tracks in it's downtown...circling the town...with multiple trains running many times per hour. It certainly made getting around town interesting. You have to learn quickly where there are bridges for you to get around the trains (and where you cannot).

The race was good for me in my opinion. The course was flat (which i generally don't care for) but it may have been just what the doctor ordered. I have been injured for about 2 or 3 months off and on with nagging ankle and knee pain. I haven't raced in months and I knew I wasn't going for a sub 3 hour pace. I just ran a smart race and hydrated (and tried to not let the constant sun beating down on me get to me). All in all, a good experience and a good time.

So what is next... going to be going on vacation in a few weeks and between now and then no races planned. I am going to continue to rehab my injuries (which are actually improving). Then I plan on doing some triathlons this summer. Going to stick to sprints and internationals again this year and try to just stay in shape and enjoy them. Next fall, maybe retry Michigan? Maybe Twin Cities? I do tend to cluster marathons.... so some more midwest may be on the way!