Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mad About Detroit

Hitting the triathlons pretty hard this summer and really enjoying it. I think my knee is gradually improving and certainly isn't bad enough to not race. Going to give a try to something called 'Dry Needling' which is basically acupuncture but somehow more Western.

I plan on continuing to do triathlons through the early fall and then transition to half marathons. From there, I will be doing 2 fall marathons! Detroit in October and Mad City (Madison Wisconsin) in November. Really excited about knocking these out. Once done, I'll only have 17 left I think. Starting to wonder a little about what I will be doing after this whole thing is over... Not sure. I will have to slow down a little as I get closer to the end due to the fact that the marathons I want to do tend to cluster on the same weekend or two in each season. So i may do 3 this year, 3 next year and then 2 per year after that. Good times.