Thursday, October 2, 2014

Status Check

With just one triathlon race left this year, I am getting a bit reflective. 2012 was CLEARLY my best
year ever (qualifying for Age Group National Championship (Olympic Distance), second appearance in the Long Course National Championships, first international competition). 2010 has a claim to a very good year (fastest Olympic ever at 2:20 with a sub 40 10k). But what about this year?

It's been a mixed bag I would say. I never had a passion for biking (despite getting my equipment to elite status). Had ups and downs, but managed to stay in the top 3 of my age group most of the time. I had equipment failures, swim fails (both at White Lake actually). But i have to say that i still am (all in all) really enjoying triathlons. I decided this year not to worry as much about the competitive side and let it fall where it will. And according to my USAT scores, they are just a little bit off my 2012 scores (by like .15 or so). And hell, with a decent showing tomorrow (and by my bike not breaking and the swim buoy not moving at White Lake) i bet my scores would surpass the best ever! So who knows. As long as I am healthy and feel like i am being competitive, i think i'll enjoy this for a while to come.

After Pinehurst this weekend, thus begins the real season... half/full marathon season! I don't know how many more seasons i will have free (without kids, etc) so i am trying to really enjoy it. And man am i going all out!

Between now and end of winter, i will be doing 6 half marathons, 3 marathons including Detroit, Mad(ison) City, and DISNEY! I have some big plans for the spring/summer too. I'll be crowding the triathlon season 2015 with a couple/few marathons.

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