Monday, November 10, 2014

Mad Mad City

Just got back from Madison, WI for another marathon. I think i have perfected the fly in, fly out marathon. I'll be sad to see these go. By my count, I have about 3 or 4 of these left. The rest of what I have left are really 3-4 day trips with all the stuff to see.

So what can I say about this race? I went for it. I knew my half marathon times were around my PR and i just ran a marathon 3 weeks ago. I knew I had a flat race with near perfect weather conditions. The result: went for it and hard.

I went out in about a 1:29 first half. This was on purpose. I had researched the course and to my lack of surprise, the marathon was very flat. But something happened at about mile 15. The course was very much NOT flat. and the wind was very much NOT calm.

I never saw a true elevation chart since none existed on the website and said there was no chart citing 'No major elevation change'. I guess i took that to mean it was flat (rather than there was no elevation data). Anyway, I went for it and hard the first half. I was thinking sub 3 hours the whole time. I also had a groin pull that was getting worse by the mile. But this wasn't going to stop me....

Well it did stop me. Along with the wind and the hills (and the fact that I went for it so hard the first half). I finished the second half in about 1:37. Oh well.

So I really don't regret anything. I went for glory and came up short. It would have probably been a better strategy to do what I did in Louisville and coast the first 3 miles and then let the race come to me (rather than being aggressive on purpose). Coming up next for me: groin pull rehab. And a few more halves followed by a destination (and a biggie) marathon, DISNEY!