Monday, May 4, 2015

36 down, 15 to go.

Just got back from the 2015 Lincoln Marathon. This race was very difficult for me. Let the complaining begin! It was sunny from the very start. I hate sunny runs (especially when the temperature is in the 70's). It just makes for a long, hot day. And since we were on the Great Plains, there wasn't much of a break from it.

Also, the wind! My God the wind. At mile 14 i hit a wall. It wasn't a figurative wall either. Also in the Great Plains, it is super windy (because there is not anything to block it). When i was driving from Omaha to Lincoln, my rental car was swerving like crazy. Took me a second to realize it was the wind that was blowing me all over the place. Not to state the obvious, but at 6'6'', i am more of a wind sail than anything else.

So this race was a disappointment in terms of getting a good time. It doesn't totally add up to me though. I have been running extremely well lately. In fact, I won my last two races and placed third in another.

The two half marathons where I placed third and first were very competitive. My times were also very good. The Vac and Dash night half marathon is through the mountainous Albamarle area (up Morrow Mountain). I ran a very smart and strong run and won it with a time below 1:30 (good considering the terrain). The half marathon I got third I nearly PR'd in and out paced a guy at the end.

The race I won last weekend was a 10 mile run. It wasn't very competitive but I did go sub 6:30 miles the entire time.

I felt like i was poised for a big run in Lincoln but only managed a 3:14. Maybe that is not so bad given the head and wind but I don't know. I didn't run Disney hard and it was a similar time.

Next up is Boise. I have to think it will be warm considering it is basically in June. I have some other small races too and then after all this is triathlon season!

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