Sunday, May 31, 2015


I was very discouraged after Lincoln. I really was starting to question everything! Did I not understand my body? Was I not in good shape? Was i too old to run?

I went into this race with very low expectations. Not just about my run but also my enjoyment of the run. I expected it to not be beautiful and I expected myself to not perform very well. Happy to report both of these things turned out not to be the case.

First off, it was beautiful. When we flew in I was worried because it looked like Tuscon to me (mountains and flatness). However, the race started at this state park that is also a HUGE dam. We started out running on the Boise river and cut through canyons. Next, we hit some residential areas. Next, back on the greenway which was surprisingly beautiful (especially the first 8 miles). There were moments of pure joy during the run and I remembered why i love doing this (running, the 50 state thing, etc). One memory of big beautiful green mountains ahead of me, the river to my left and a small stream to my right. Between the path and the river to the left were bushes and dense foliage. It looked like Anne of Green Gables.

The dew point was in the 40's (which was actually high for the area apparently). To me, it felt good (not saying I loved the 72 degree start temp but not bad for June). I felt like I was running down hill the first 10 or so miles. My heart rate was real low.

After the half marathoners peeled off, the real race began. I was in 10th place at the 6.5 mile turn. My strategy was to stay within myself, hydrate a ton, and keep eating my shot blocks. I don't understand it, but all water volunteers hand you one 2.5 oz of water cup and everyone else starts eyeing the next runner. HELLO, I'M 6'6'' 200LBS, I NEED LIKE 4 OF THESE! I ripped these out of people's hands so many times.

Anyway, I was in 10th and feeling really good (not Kentucky Derby Marathon good, but still). I started picking off people one by one. Towards the end, I saw the first female. I knew she was in 4th and she was flailing. I decided to go for it and had to fight her off. She feel back by the end though so I got 4th place! I got a potato guy and a ribbon! So great.

I felt so good at the finish, I just hopped in my car, showered up at the hotel, got some food and went right to Horseshoe Bend for some whitewater rafting. Then came back and got some pizza downtown Boise. One of the best marathon adventures yet!

Not sure what marathon will be next. I'm glad I ended on this note though. I was starting to lose a little of why I do this.

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