Friday, December 25, 2015

End of the 2015 Season

It's been quite a year. I had scheduled 5 marathons this year but unfortunately was only able to get to 4 of them: Disney, Lincoln, Boise, and Estes Park. However I had a strong showing in triathlons and PR'd in some of more important distances to me.

I found some extra motivation at the end of 2015. I hit the pool extra hard and was EXTRA consistent with my road training. As a result, I pr'd in the half marathon by more than two minutes (running a 1:24 at Mistletoe). I also managed to PR in my bread and butter 8 mile run (that I've been doing for 16 years about twice a week).

I think in the near term, I'm going to stick with my pool/gym regiment and decide soon what 2016 looks like. I think I'm going to be doing less races this coming year (probably 2 marathons but as many halves as I can find).

I think for a long time, I used races as training because I was losing my ability to focus on training. What I'm seeing now though is that my motivation is back and training is going really well! Look forward to 2016!

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