Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Quite a Stretch

As I say goodbye to another triathlon season, I take a moment to reflect where I am at. I really enjoyed this season of triathlons (maybe more than any other season ever). I felt absolutely no pressure, I didn't train for events I didn't want to (sorry bike) and I was still able to have a good time pounding out good times!

I got 7 triathlons in this season. This is tied for the most I've ever done. My secret is doing absolutely no bike training whatsoever. Somehow, I was able to be very successful nonetheless. In the 7 races, I had 6 top 3 AG finishes (including 3 first place finishes). I had a couple of 6 place overall finishes. By far, my biggest accomplishment was getting 12th overall, 1st AG in the Lake Logan International. I didn't break 40 in the 10k, but i DID PR in the swim AND the bike. I also broke 2:19 (a near perfect day).

So where am I exactly? I finished last year's half marathon calendar with a HUGE and completely un-beatable PR. I had a very successful tri season. In the past 26 races, I've gotten 22 top 3 AG finishes including 12 first place AG finishes and 2 outright wins. Not bad for an old man!

But past is past. Now what? I have on tap 27 races for full year 2016 (which would tie 2005 and 2006 as most ever and be 2 more than last year). I have 9 halves before year end and a marathon in Des Moines in October. Last spring, I was able to combine the best shape I've ever been in with a real knowledge of how to win races. I hope to get back to peak season form my November. Past that, I have Big Sur next spring and then who knows? Still enjoying it after all these years.

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