Monday, July 31, 2017

My Manifest Destiny

Where did the year go? Did i really forget to blog about everything for the first 7 months of the year? Yes. Yes I did. Whoops!

Ok, so what have I been up to? I ran the Big Sur Marathon! Emily and I went to California and it was amazing! We started out in Carmel close to the race finish. Emily did the 5k! After the race, we went up to San Francisco and stayed in Haight-Ashbury. We did all the touristy things there including biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, going to Muir Woods, Wine tasting in Napa Valley, seeing the Full House house, and riding on the outside of a cable car!

Did i mention the marathon? It was beautiful. I made the decision to job it and really enjoy the views. Not worrying about my time was a good choice since it was probably the most challenging marathon I have done. But to me it was a bit of a culmination of all the effort of my 50 state challenge. California was always the goal (at least in my minds eye) as I worked my way across the country. Since I have so few races left, I don't have a lot of control as to when I can do some (especially the ones that have lotteries like this one). There are some big marathongs left for sure, but fewer and fewer.

Speaking of other marathons, I have 2 more in 2017: St George in Utah in October and then Vegas(baby) in November. I plan on taking some time after the St George marathon to see the Grand Canyon. I have booked a donkey ride (not the 2 day ride, just a 3 hour). I hope to get a good feeling for the Grand Canyon village and that part of the country. Then in November, Emily and I will be heading to Vegas for what will likely be one of the most unique races in the country. An early evening start time on a Sunday. Super strange!

But in the mean time, its triathlon season! Its been a bit of a strange season actually. I did 3 small sprints and then took about 3 weeks off to go to Italy (!) It was amazing, but hasn't exactly helped my times. My swim is the most off even still. I have done 2 other sprints since I have been back and I am picking up speed, but not where I was last year (when I killed Lake Logan). I'm skipping that race this year anyway and have 3 more tri's before it will be time to turn to halves and fulls starting in September.

Even though there are lots of trips planned (past and future), I still could end the year with a decent number of total races (mid 20's) which would be right up there. With 10 marathons left, I am trying to figure out if its feasible to make a run for sub 3. I'm not sure I have the desire to put the training in and/or if my 39 year old body will let me do it. I'm not super concerned about it though. I'm just happy to be able to keep competing even in small, local races.

More to come soon (well, at least not in 7 more months!)