Thursday, October 5, 2017


The beginning of half season was so good! I killed a half marathon up in Virginia. I ran a 1:26 which for the first of the season is best ever! Then the next day, i turned my ankle at Special Olympics...

It's been a month since and I have been rehabbing ever since. I fly out to St George for the marathon tomorrow morning and I am having some serious doubts. I was unable to complete my long run 2 weeks ago. I thought I was better but did a tune up run last night (just 4) and it hurt. The only bright side was that it was on the anterior of the left ankle whereas previously I was feeling some posterior tibial tendinitis or soreness. This is my bad ankle... the one that i always sprain or develop problems in.

So now I am on hold to see if I can cancel flights and hotels this late in the game. I have a feeling the answer is no. I think I can be hook or by crook finish the marathon on Saturday. I do worry about doing damage or even at the very least not having a fun day. I have 10 of these left and I would hate to just do it to do it.

That being said, since the pain in the ankle is in a new place, it could be caused by me overdoing the stretching/band work I have been doing this week. If that's the case, it may be 100% on Saturday.

I've been to the Podiatrist (nothing broken, no permanent damage by running according to him) and physical therapy and I think I can finish. Oh, and I'm going to the Grand Canyon! So that should be fun. Just need to gut it out on Saturday. It may actually be my most difficult marathon challenge to date...

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