Tuesday, March 13, 2018


So here is my progress with my knee since the beginning of the year. If you'll recall, I tore my right medial meniscus in October. I tried PT and a cortisone shot but wasn't getting better. I received a PRP injection into my knee on January 5th. That and I started doing MASSIVE amounts of PT. Essentially everything that i was taught to do, I do every sing morning. 

In January, I created a series of measures to quantitatively measure my progress. It consisted of 7 every day things that I do daily. I scored these items between 1-10 and then averaged them. If everything was perfectly perfect, I would be a 10. I had to not only create the categories from scratch (consisting of things like a "squat score", driving discomfort, walking discomfort, etc) i had to create a vocabulary for describing to myself what a 7 was or what a 9 felt like. That way I could score things a little more accurately. Also knowing how something felt the day before (slightly better, etc) helped. Anyway, as you can see, i'm making progress!

Where I am as of today is that i am starting to run outside again. I ran 4.2 on Sunday and felt almost 100%. I did feel a little sore on the drive home, but the next day I was fine (and what is strange is that the day after the day after tends to be bad but this go around was fine).

So not only have I been doing PT 5 days a (at home), I've been swimming 4 miles per week (mostly with a swim bouie but as of today i am starting to ween my way off it ), Going to Yoga every Wednesday, and watching my weight (i am at 191 lbs or so right now and i was about 5 lbs heavier prior to injury.. i dont want to put extra strain on my knee but i really cant go below 190). I also got another PRP shot last week to hopefully keep this meniscus healing going!

So here I am! Making progress! And running! Honestly, I was not confident I could ever run again. Now i feel at least confident enough to dare to dream of the future. In fact, I have already planned out my slow and steady road back followed by a pretty awesome triathlon season! And just today i booked a marathon this coming Fall (the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Bar Harbor Maine)!!!! I couldn't be more excited or motivated. Emily is coming too! Can't wait!