Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Highs and Lows

So here we are. August 22nd. 7 weeks out to the Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island Marathon. And my knee is hurting. If you read this blog, this is not surprising really. But a lot has happened since early June.

After my last post, running got easier and easier. And triathlons became more or less "normal" for me. Sure i had a new running technique. Sure, i wasn't running as much or as fast in training. But for every triathlon I did this summer, I was competitive. What does that mean? Well, I finished 3rd AG once (getting 9th overall) in one race, I got 2nd AG twice, and 1st AG twice including a VERY satisfying finish at the Lake Logan Intl Tri where i was yet again under 2:19.

So wait (you may ask). It sounds like you are killing it and maybe in the best shape of your entire life. Well, something has happened in the last two weeks. And I am still trying to piece it together.

After Lake Logan, I did an 8,8,8 week. This was part of my conservative plan to build mileage towards the marathon in October. Those runs went pretty good, but with a hint of trouble towards the end. You see, I think that, while my plan looked good, I did not take into account the intensity of Lake Logan. I probably should have taken more rest. Then I ran 8 miles 4 times with only 1 day rest. I think that caused issues. I got up to a 12 mile run last weekend but I already started to notice small issues. My next run was so bad, I had to cut it short and now I am left 7 weeks out wondering what is next. Is this the end of my marathon career? Should I reduce to a half in Maine? Do i need a another HA injection? Is this the new normal?

Long story short, I don't have answers right now. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I have a lot of things to consider in the next 8 days really. I wish I had answers but I do not. I definitely will be going to Maine Si or Si as Emily would say. I can gut out a half no issue. But i need to decide by Sept 1. So we'll see...