Monday, October 15, 2018

Maine Focus

Just got back from Maine...and completed marathon #43! How did this happen? When I last wrote in August it seemed like I was sliding backwards. And maybe I was. Maybe all my hard work with creating a different running form, building up muscle, stretching an absurd amount each day did not really fix the issue(?) I do know that I got a cortisone shot (which I still am convinced do not help me or at least help me right away) as well as an HA injection. Let's back up a bit.
After my article, I got a cortisone shot on August 23rd. People claim to feel an immediate difference. I felt nothing and was up against a deadline. I needed to start increasing mileage or pull out of the marathon. I then went in on August 28th and received an HA injection. By the end of the week, my pain was decreasing. Then on September 1st I ran 12 and felt really good! There is one other thing I changed though

I made a VERY strong commitment to cadence and lean in my running form. I had already changed a lot about my form (landing on midfoot, etc). I had improved my cadence, but I honestly was not religious about counting it. Starting on my runs after the HA shot, I started to count every 4 miles. And I made sure I was in the 170-180 range. That just was what came naturally to me. To be honest, the HA shot probably helped a lot. But I would not be surprised if the commitment to cadence also went really far.
Anyway, about the race! Emily and I went and stayed in an Inn right at the starting line. Emily ran the half! And she destroyed it where she PR'd by like 8 minutes (on a VERY hilly course) and broke 2 hours!

 The marathon was as beautiful as everyone says. The first 13 were intimate and there was very little in the way of traffic. The second half had a lot of tight, confined running spaces for us on major roads and the pitch on the roads was very challenging (steep right to left).

But my goal was to finish somewhere between 3:15 and 3:30 and I came at 3:15! I had to stop for a minute because I started using some heel lifts on my shoes and I had to call an audible and remove them half way through the race.

So what is next? I have decided to commit to cross training through the winter to really to continue to build muscle to protect my knees. I plan on getting on the bike trainer starting in a couple of weeks to mix it all up.

This picture of my form that Emily took of me finishing is discouraging a bit. It looks like I am heal striking as I head to the finish line. I need to be diligent about form. I need to continue to crosstrain. I need to continue to do yoga and stretch. I have 8 more to go! And the MDI marathon proved it is still possible for me to do this!

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