Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Baby Days

Been about a whole YEAR since I have updated the blog. Lots has changed. First and foremost, my
wife and I are expecting our first child in a matter of days! This has changed my typical athletic adventures a bit.

So to start off, I decided to concentrate solely on sprint/international triathlons this summer. So the entire winter of 2018/19, I trained for triathlons. My knee was definitely a factor. After my marathon in Bar Harbor, pain started to creep back in. The bad news is that the days of me doing half marathons every weekend are likely over. Even beyond that, I needed to concentrate on smaller distances. The good news is that I was still able to concetrate on triathlons AND do very well. As of the time of this writing, I am ranked 1st in my age group in the NCTS rankings in the state (my USAT ranking is currently sitting at 5th in the state which I will certainly take).

My triathlon season is now over as we wait for our little girl to be born. I also took the time (and money) to try out stem cell therapy for my knee. We are 2 weeks in so way to early to know if it worked. Pretty soon, I will start back my training (slowly but surely) and work towards next triathlon year. It will definitely be different with a kid, so I'll need to see how many races I can get to.

I can definitely confirm that the weeks I did consecutive races, I got better and better. In fact, if I do more than 3 in a row, I start to get down right effective at racing. This is good to know going forward.

But what of marathons you may ask? Not sure. My goal is not to do damage to my knee so I am not precluding myself from the advancements as they come up. I think if I get a HA shot in my knee, I can knock out a marathon. I have about 8 left to go, so I could use that strategy. But we'll see how the stem cells go.

So I'll be super busy with the new kid for a while, then likely triathlon training. Maybe a marathon in 2020? It was a little sad to think that this fall was the first fall in 19 years I wasn't training for a marathon. But life goes on! I set out to meet this 50 in 50 before 50 goal a long time ago. And if I average 1 marathon a year starting next year, I can still reach it. And btw, the "before 50" goal was not really important. I have time. I'll get there!