Sunday, March 23, 2008

On the Mend

After 8 months of working through my injury, i am finally making progress with my posterior tibialis tendinitis.

In July of 2007, I played two beach volleyball tournaments and ran 13 miles in two days. My posterior tibialis tendon has not been the same since. Three doctors, two physical therapists and dozens of physical therapy appointments later, I'm finally starting my comeback.

I ran my standard 8.4 mile run once last week and then again yesterday. The good news is that I think I can get back into good shape in about 6 weeks. The bad news is that there is still some lingering pain. The pain has to do with the varying angles of the running surface. If I run on a slanted surface, i pronate one way or the other. Even with orthodics, there is still some strength that needs to be built in those areas.

If anyone is going through posterior tibialis tendinitis, I feel your pain (literally). Be prepared for a long recovery. Also, I recommend:
1. Getting orthodics. You are overpronating and that needs to be corrected.
2. Go to physical therapy. You have a muscle imbalance. You need to build up a lot of muscle in the areas of your legs, core that you are weak on now. For me that meant a lot of squats and then eventually calf work. I got serious about core strength training too.
3. Exercise bike will become your friend. Hit the bike and then slowly work up to walking, then jogging on the treadmill. After a while, you should be able to run with minimal pain.
4. Once you can run on the treadmill will minimal pain, its time to get back out on the roads. Become familiar with how your foot hits the pavement and make adjustments. Realize that since you have orthodics, you will have to re-examine your stride and make changes.

As i mentioned, the step that i'm on now is adjusting to the curvature of the roads. I've read its important to alternate so that you don't always overpronate with just one foot. But since you can't avoid a slight curvature of the running surface in the real world, the only thing I can think to do is continue to build muscle. Hopefully that will get me over the final hump.

And finally, I made the mistake of looking at the race calendar today. And BTW - 6 spring half marathons in NC/VA area? That is about 5 more than is typical. Almost wept when I saw that. I have to resist going back to soon. We'll see.

As far as marathon goals, its still my goal to run a marathon in every state (i usually do a spring and a fall marathon and have 9 down including DC). I didn't do a fall marathon for 2007. A spring marathon is looking more possible, but maybe not until late may.