Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Fall Preview

In the absence of a really well thought out and focused goal, I have decided to just go completely insane with races this fall. But first wanted to recap the year thus far.

This has been kind of an amazing year for races for me. I don't think my times are particularly earth shattering, but I have been placing really well. I have gotten either top 3 in my age group and/or top 10 overall in 10 out of 15 races so far this year (including Disney which I jogged). In addition to 2 outright wins (which were obviously 1st place in Age Group), I have 5 additional 1st place age group wins (all in my last 9 races). I only did 4 triathlons this year but easily qualified for Nationals in the Sprint and International distances.

So triathlon season was really short but really enjoyable. Doing well definitely helps. That being said, I hate the bike, swimming is sometimes tough to motivate for, but I am still enjoying the hell out of these. I don't have any ambition to qualify for Team USA any time soon, but just doing them and competing is still fun.

So with triathlon season in the rear view mirror, I had to come up with a plan for the fall. Here it is: Everything. I am going to do races like Sarah Palin reads magazines. I'm going to do all of them. If i stay healthy and stick to what I have planned, 2015 will go down as a 30 race season (7 more than last year which was a record by 1). Injuries and life get in the way, but that is the plan.

The highlights begin with tackling the High Country Half up in Boone in a couple weeks. The race is a good excuse to get some mountain and elevation training. This is something I will need to tackle Estes Park next month (pictured above). Then I plan on hitting some more halves before heading up to Mount Desert Island in Maine for the marathon there! Can't wait.

Unfortunately, they cancelled the Hallowed Half so I will be unable to defend my crown in that race. However, I have 6 more halves to hit including several new ones. So while I search for my next goal, I plan on staying busy until then.