Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out With the Trails, In With the...

Trail season is done. What a mess. Just finished up Uwharrie this past weekend. Banged up my body and turned an ankle as always. Was happy with my time and placement (despite -or maybe because of - the fact that 1/3 of the race was changed to allow for impassable streams). Multiple ankle injuries coupled with contentious weather conditions for the past month or so really has me wanting to shake things up next year. I think i'll still train trails as a nice break, but I may try a new trail race. We'll see.

Enough of all that, its on to... well two things. First and foremost is training for the St. Louis marathon in April. I have a couple of good warm up halves in March so that is priority numero uno. Simultaneously i will be getting prepared for the White Lake Half Tri in May. In preparation for that, i have decided to take a triathlon swim class. So far I've received feedback such as 'You have long arms-that's good. You have long legs - that's bad'. Hopeful i can finally feel comfortable swimming and its coming with practice. I have a very busy spring planned with biking/open water swims and a sprint tri in open water.

After that, i think i'll really sink my teeth into triathlons this summer. I'd like to do another half tri in late summer and maybe qualify for nationals! That is now my main running goal (besides continuing with a marathon in every state). We'll see how all that works out.