Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

I first want to thank everyone who supported me in my European adventures. I got a lot of feedback and to my complete surprise some people actually read this blog!

With Europe and the US World Championships in the rear view mirror, it is time to give form and structure to the next set of challenges. I've decided to get two more states crossed off the list this year in the marathon department. Up next is Hartfort CT and then Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Hartford will literally be a fly in/fly out affair. I really am not expecting it to be a very good time. The plan is to slowly build mileage from then until now and finish under 3:15 or so. Then after that race are a BUNCH of half's i'll be entering. This should make me good and fast for Delaware (kind of a return to the past where super-friend Bryan Shields would take me on his family vacations in high school!)

I've also got one last international triathlon on the calendar. I completed one last weekend and I have finally convinced myself that triathlons in my life are here to stay. I just enjoy the hell out of them. i kind of always thought of myself someone who likes to run doing triathlons; i definitely feel the opposite is now true.

Lots of fun races to close out the year. Next year I'd really like to get a big destination marathon out of the way (aforementioned Bryan Shields needs to get us signed up over at Big Sur!) Or maybe St George, Seattle, or Alaska!

Here are the results for Vitoria.

I've already gone through a lot of this, but i will just say I am very happy with how the race went. I think it was the best outcome i could have hoped for. And i never walked!