Monday, March 25, 2013


Just got back from NJ for the 2013 Ocean Drive Marathon. I had a thought beginning about mile 12 of this race. That thought was 'This is the God-Damnest thing I have ever done.'

Why? This race was a triple threat. First off, the wind. It wasn't especially windy in NJ that day. But the fact
was that no matter what direction we ran, it was in our face. The terreign seemed to be specially designed to blow wind straight at us. Whenever you are at the ocean, you expect a breeze. But the fact is the roads were SUPER wide and SUPER straight. And no trees. There was just nothing to divert it. And I'm 6'6" btw.

Second, oh boy it was dull. I don't expect a lot in a race. I once stared at cactus and dirt for 15 miles straight. But this race... The houses we ran next to were uninspired beach homes. The small towns we ran in and out of were super generic. And I don't need spectators. But these were literally ghost towns. There's a difference between no spectators and post apocalyptic hellscapes. But what did i expect from NJ?

Finally, it was just me. I passed a guy at like mile 12. And that was it. That was pretty much the end of me seeing anyone. At about mile 19, there were fewer and fewer police and volunteers. I would see a traffic cone and think... 'hmm... probably not one of the construction cones, but probably a race cone?'. At a certain point, it stops feeling like a race and starts feeling like I'm alone in the middle of Nowhere, NJ running to God knows where in a cold wind tunnel.

And when I drove home, I got stuck in a blizzard. But other than that, marathon #26 was great ;)